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There’s been a long history of shipping goods from China to Uganda that goes far back as 1970s as Uganda embarked of solidifying trade relations with China. This gave rise to trade volumes going to $100 million in 2005 and $230 in 2018. The majority of this trade is Chinese exports to Uganda. These include; mechanical, textile, electrical and pharmaceuticals.

With the robust increase in trade between china and Uganda, many logistics companies came to the scene. Such as; Maria Cargo, Lyon, Asante, GTC among others. The latter are majorly air cargo companies and the former are majorly sea cargo companies where’s some do both. 

In the breakout of the pandemic came rise of Millennial Logistics and Outsourcing. A company that came to change the status quo of doing business between China and Uganda. They derived their name from “Millennials” since the generation doing business now is the millennials who have taken over business from their parents. Millennial logistics and outsourcing changed the logistics scene for Uganda in the following ways:

1. First company to issue tracking numbers to clients to track their shipments.

2. First company to have a huge social media presence in Uganda.

3. First company to market whole sale markets and factories in China to clients out of China.

4. First company to target millennials.

Given the trajectory that this company is taking in the line of business and logistics, its safe for us to say that Millennial Logistics and Outsourcing is the best logistics company that ships from China to Uganda.  


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