Millennial Logistics with a turnover of 210,000 tones every year is one of the leading logistics companies in china. The company currently employees 100 people across the 4 countries the company operates in.

Millennial Logistics was founded in 2019 with its main offices in China and Uganda. The company is anchored in service of its clientele to ease the hustle and bustle of shipping from china to Uganda.

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Globally known for our ability to handle every last detail of our customers’ particular logistics and forwarding needs, Millennial Logistics’s Special Services team takes care of all your logistics.

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We designed an efficient and reliable system through which your goods reach your destination in the shortest time possible. When it comes to Millennial logistics, it’s beyond cargo for every second counts!

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Payments are made at our destination offices for tradable goods. For non-tradable goods payment is made at our offices in china before dispatch.

Millennial logistics handles any form of paperwork on behalf of the client in china and at the port of destination.

The best way to get cheap prices from us is by having many kilograms in a single shipment for air cargo.

The airline only compensates damage and loss in terms of 30% of the weight of the goods damaged or lost.

We offer free repackaging for air cargo goods. Fragile items should be declared on arrival at our office and it should be up to the client to decide how they are packed at the client’s cost.

By air cargo goods take 5-7 days under normal circumstances. However during peak seasons the estimated time is a bit longer. For sea cargo goods take 1-2 months to arrive Uganda from the date of shipment.

Yes, you can track your goods on our website.

Yes, Delivery is made to the client’s door step for goods making more than 1 package through air cargo.

Groupage is a term used for goods that don’t make a package of 42-50kgs for air cargo and goods that don’t make a full container.

Tariff is a kind of tax that the state authorizes the customs to levy on the goods and articles entering and leaving the country.

  • If you choose we pay taxes on your behalf, we shall pay the customs duty for you when the goods arrive at the destination port, and the goods will directly arrive at the warehouse of the destination outlet after customs clearance.
  • If you choose paying taxes by yourself, you need to clear the goods by yourself after they arrive at the destination, and pay the import tariff by yourself.

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Over 100 dedicated employees, working in 4 countries around the globe to  deliver operational excellence.

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