How to get A business visa to china?

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You might be there asking yourself, I want to travel to China for business but not sure how to get myself a business visa also known as M/F Visa to China. Here’s what you might have to consider. We’re gonna use an example of Uganda. 

For application for a business visa from Uganda to China, you’ll need the following documents:

1. Invitation Letter issued by relevant entities in China.

For all our millennial clients, we support you with an invitation letter that’s required by the authorities in issuance of Business visa. Don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you need it.

2. Certificate of COVID 19 Vaccination 

Before entering China, foreigners should be fully inoculated with COVID 19 vaccines approved by China or the World health Organization.

3. Passport

You should possess an original passport with atleast 6months of remaining validity, with two or more blank visa pages and a photocopy of information page.

4. Signed visa application and confirmation page

Log into to fill in the visa application form online. After confirming that it is correct, print and sign the above form and confirmation page.

5. Photos

You’ll need a recently taken front, bareheaded, color passport photo (48mmx33mm) against a light background.

Now after you have all those requirements as established above, send the above documents to [email protected]. You’ll then be sent an email detailing the time to visit the Chinese embassy to submit your documents. The whole process should take not more than 5 working days for ordinary and 2 working days for express.

The big question now would be. How much would an M/F visa cost me? For single entry, that’s 390.000ugx; half year double entry 580,000ugx; half year multi entry 780,000ugx; one year multi entry; 1,170,000ugx  

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